Breast Lift (Mastopexy)


If you are happy with your breast size when wearing a bra – but not with the shape when you are without a bra – then a Mastopexy is the right operation for you.

A Mastopexy is very similar to Breast Reduction surgery except that in reduction surgery some breast tissue is removed to also decrease the breast size.

If more volume is required then Mastopexy can be performed in conjunction with traditional Breast Enlargement surgery.

Breast shape is determined by a number of factors including – genetic, breast support, aging, pregnancy and breast feeding.  Their size and shape then change through a woman’s life depending on age, pregnancy, weight gain or loss, bra wear, sporting pursuits etc.   Overall though as a woman ages the breast tissue loses its tone, the breasts become less firm and increasingly droop.


Mastopexy involves reforming the existing tissue into a new breast mound.  This results in a firmer more ‘uplifted’ breast.  The standard operation is similar to that used to reduce breast size so if desired this can readily be done at the same time.  Both the nipple and the breast tissue usually need to be lifted so cuts are necessarily made around both.

The operation takes approximately 2-3hours.  It is usually performed under General Anaesthesia. You will have a supportive dressing in place after the operation and may have a drain coming from each breast (if tissue has been removed) for the first 24hrs to stop any blood collecting inside the breast after the operation.

The shape of the breast is partly gravity dependent.  In the months following the operation the shape will become more natural.  Initially they may seem too firm and uplifted but this does settle.  To aid in the attaining of a good breast shape and also to minimise the stretching of scars you will need to wear a comfortable and supportive bra (without wire) for at least 2 months after the operation.


The scars from mastopexy are traditionally very long although they are positioned in such a place as to minimise their visibility.  Techniques are available to minimise scar length but often the immediate shape of the breast is compromised with the excess skin appearing quite puckered.  This settles significantly with time. It takes a few months and if any puckering still remains a small operation can be performed to correct this.

Breast gland tissue is not altered by the operation so this should not be affected.

The extent of the operation means some skin nerves supplying the nipple are cut.  The degree of change is usually small.  This is usually most marked immediately after the operation and tends to improve over the following 3-6months.

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