Inverted Nipple Surgery

(Nipple Eversion/Nipple Reduction)

Inverted Nipples is  a condition in which one or both nipples are puckered inward instead of pointing outward.

While nipples can become retracted due to breast diseases about 10% of women are born with inverted nipples. This is usually due to short ducts which hold the nipple inward.



If nipples can be readily ‘popped out’ with manipulation or pressure they will often

  • self correct with breast feeding or
  • correct after using simple suction type devices such as ‘Niplettes’ (readily purchased through pharmacies and on-line).
  • Can be corrected with the temporary use of a nipple piercing


More resistant cases often require surgical correction – which involves releasing the tighter retracting tissues and supporting the nipple in its ‘outward projection’ with a small tunnelled flap under the nipple. While over zealous release can cause problems with breast feeding, the majority can be adequately everted without compromising this function.

The procedure is usually readily accomplished using a local anaesthetic injection.


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